The Hassle-free Alternative to Wood Decking

A Trex composite deck is ready whenever you want to use it. No sanding, staining, or painting – a little soap and water or a quick power washing is all the maintenance Trex requires. Wood decks take constant care. Trex composite decking is more durable and longer lasting. When you look at all Trex has to offer, wood decking begins to feel like signing up for a second job.

Trex won’t need seasonal painting, staining or sealing.

Wood decking does need seasonal painting, staining or sealing.

Trex won’t rot, warp or splinter.

Wood decking becomes a safety hazard when it rots, splits and splinters.

Trex does not fade or stain.

Wood decking fades and stains easily, showing every spill and scuff.

Trex won’t become food for termites.

Insects can cause extensive structural damage in wood decking.

Each board is made up of 95% recycled materials.

Wood decking contributes to deforestation, cutting down trees that local wildlife depend on for food and shelter.

Wood Decking Doesn’t Age Well

Whereas Trex guarantees that after 25 years our decking will still look and feel great.

Eco-Friendly Decking

Wood decking contributes to deforestation

Recycled Plastic Bags

Every 500-square-foot Trex Deck contains over
140,000 Recycled Plastic Bags

Pounds of Plastic & Wood Saved from Landfills

Trex saves 400 Million pounds of plastic and wood from landfills each year

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