Engineered Lumber Solutions

Timberline is your one-stop source for engineered lumber solutions. Stop by our Gloucester, Beverly, Newburyport or Billerica locations and talk to our staff about finding the right engineered lumber floor and ceiling joist and framing lumber for your next construction project. Timberline will supply color-coded 2’x3’ professional layout maps reflecting your project, and if needed, the calculations can even include an engineering stamp. In order to ensure each beam is easily identifiable when it reaches the jobsite, all engineered products are marked previous to shipping to coordinate with the supplied color-coded layout maps.

Lamco Engineered Framing Lumber

  • Straight, Dimensionally Stable, Defected of fiber deviation, compression, holes and spike knots
  • 100% usable with wane-free edges
  • Optimized with World Class Green technology
  • Dense Black Spruce properties
  • Unique double tongue & groove edge joints and structural finger joints
  • Machine tested values
  • Each piece flexurally tested

Pinkwood Fire-Rated Joists

PinkWood manufactures premium I-joists, under the trade name “PKjoists”. They are primary used as part of the floor systems in residential and commercial housing projects. PKjoists are manufactured to precise tolerances on high-speed equipment with integrated coating technology to yield the best possible physical properties and to maximize strength. Pinkwood I-joists will resist warping, crowning and shrinking. Their residential joists are available in six series ranging in depths of 9.5″ up to 24″, and are manufactured in long lengths up to 58′. Their PKI Series are manufactured with either 2×3 (PKI 10, 20, 23) or 2×4 (PKI 35+, 40, 50) flanges with specific proprietary lumber grade.

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