INTEX Custom Millwork Solutions

INTEX Millwork Solutions specializes in the design and fabrication of custom PVC trim and millwork. Architects and builders rely on INTEX’s strengths in both traditional workmanship and engineering technology to craft intricately detailed, high-quality millwork for distinctive homes and buildings.

INTEX enables limitless interior and exterior custom millwork design options. From intricate details to innovative finishing touches, INTEX PVC custom millwork is created using advanced CAD design technologies, state-of-the-art fabrication equipment and hand-crafted techniques once reserved only for wood. Our custom millwork is produced to precise design specifications, fabricated to order, packaged securely so that product arrives damage free – ready for installation.

If you can envision it, INTEX can create it. Our PVC millwork is available in a broad range of standard shapes and designs, or it can be custom crafted to your exact design requirements. From Victorian gingerbread to stately columns and moldings, to classic window and door surrounds, INTEX millwork makes it easy to express your individual sense of style.

Because INTEX PVC millwork is not a wood product, it can be manufactured without impacting valuable forest resources. Our high efficiency dust collection system allows us to capture 99+% of the PVC dust generated during the manufacturing processes. The dust is then recycled along with other PVC scrap, leaving virtually no environmental impact. And, because our products are delivered sized to fit and ready to install, no waste is created at the job site.

Ultra-Low Maintenance
INTEX PVC millwork offers beauty and durability that far surpasses wood. While wood can be affected by moisture, changing temperatures, UV light and insects, INTEX PVC is just the opposite. Moisture doesn’t bother our PVC, and it won’t rot, swell or split like wood. INTEX PVC is bug proof, UV resistant and impervious to salt.

The white finish of INTEX PVC millwork looks beautiful and will stay that way for many years. But, if you want to express your design ideas in color, INTEX millwork can be easily painted. Best of all, because our millwork’s material composition does not absorb moisture, the paint creates a strong bond with the PVC. That enables the paint to retain its fresh look longer and it will never peel!



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