Timberline Enterprises LLC, a Gloucester, Massachusetts lumber and building materials company, announced today that it has signed a deal to acquire the assets of Hughes Lumber Company Inc. of Billerica, Massachusetts. Timberline currently operates three full service lumber yards on the north shore of Massachusetts.  The company’s first location was acquired by Christopher Costello in the spring of 2008.  After several years of successful growth, Timberline built a new green field location in Newburyport, MA in the fall of 2012.  Opportunity quickly presented itself again and Timberline acquired the assets of Gove Lumber of Beverly, MA in the spring of 2013.

CEO of Timberline Enterprises, Christopher Costello, issued the following statement on Monday, March 02, 2015 in an internal memo to all company staff.  “The Hughes Lumber acquisition offers us a tremendous opportunity in a growth market.  As a young, progressive, sales centric company, we will always be driven by the success of our employees who carry our vision of collaboration with our customers.  Our unparalleled growth over the last seven years shows us that this market has an appetite for companies who seek to be resource and a partner with those they wish to serve.  We will continue to work hard to be a leader at the forefront of this industry.”

A May 1st closing is scheduled and Timberline expects to be operating out of its newest yard shortly thereafter.