Beautiful Year After Year
Why do Royal Building Products 100% cellular PVC trimboard and decorative mouldings rate so highly with homeowners and builders? Two things:
1. They move exterior trim from shrugged-at status to center stage
2. They make sure any design statement you’re making stays beautiful year after year without rotting, warping or splitting

Royal S4S Trimboard™
Royal S4S Trimboard™ can be used in countless ways to trim a home and add long-lasting beauty and value. Its smooth, durable, 4-sided finish resists dirt buildup, while its “true square” edges provide cleaner installation. Reversible Royal S4S Trimboard comes ready to install, is paintable and is backed by a lifetime never rot warranty.

Royal® Exterior Decorative Mouldings
Made from 100% cellular PVC, Royal exterior decorative mouldings offer reliable long-term exterior performance and are perfect for the home remodeling, building and municipal construction markets.
Royal decorative mouldings do way more than decorate. They insulate, protect and turn front porches into a center of neighborhood activity as well as ramp up the curb appeal of any window, eave or doorway.

Royal Mouldings are low-maintenance, saving homeowners’ weekends from painting and maintenance and they come ready to install, saving you time and labor. Create custom build-ups that simultaneously add value and curb appeal with just a few profiles. Ready-to-install 100% cellular PVC moulding components are indispensable when it comes to making roof rakes more rakish and giving more flourish to window frames. They’re moisture and termite proof, mold and mildew resistant and have a lifetime never rot warranty

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