Omega Pinnacle Custom Cabinets

Taking your vision and turning it into reality is what the Pinnacle Series does best. Whether creating a door, sourcing a specie or fine-tuning a finish, the Pinnacle Series from Omega is your authority for artisan craftsmanship built to exacting specifications. Pinnacle features over 128 modifications plus custom quoting for your perfect project.

Specie Matched Drawers and Roll Out Trays
Enjoy the luxurious beauty of natural-finish specie matched drawers and roll out trays in the Pinnacle Series. You’ll also find an array of storage accessories, perfectly matched to your chosen wood type, only available with Pinnacle. Painted Maple products feature natural maple drawers, roll trays, and accessories.

Custom Designed Cabinet Doors
Want something that is yours alone? Bring your ideas to the Timberline Kitchen Design Team for the best in custom cabinet design that boldly makes your statement.

Custom Cabinet Colors
Have a favorite artifact that you’d like to match? Or maybe you’d like to follow the latest trend. Pinnacle prides itself on conjuring your color by matching your supplied swatch and sending you a sample for approval.

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